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Scholarly Practices in the Archives, 1500-1800

Storia della StoriografiaFilippo DE VIVO, Maria Pia DONATO (dir. du dossier), « Scholarly Practices in the Archives, 1500-1800 », Storia della Storiografia, volume 68, 2015/2.

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Georg G. Iggers, Foreword 

Part I. Scholarly practices in the Archives, 1500-1800 

  • Filippo de Vivo, Maria Pia Donato, Scholarly Practices in the Archives, 1500-1800. Introduction.
  • Fabien Montcher, Archives and Empire : Scholarly Archival Practices, Royal Historiographers and Historical Writing across the Iberian Empire (Late 16th and Early 17th Century).
  • Fabio Antonini, “Kept within their Chests for the Benefit of their Histories” : Archival Reform and the Rise of Historical Scholarship amongst the State Records of Early Modern Venice.
  • Emmanuelle Chapron, The “Supplement to All Archives” : the Bibliothèque Royale of Paris in the Eighteenth Century .
  • Kasper Risbjerg Eskildsen, Relics of the Past : Antiquarianism and Archival Authority in Enlightenment Germany.
Part II. Archives and History. Making historical knowledge in Europe during the Nineteenth Century.
  • Philipp Müller, Introduction. Archives and History. Making Historical Knowledge in Europe during the Nineteenth Century.
  • David Laven, Nineteenth-Century Historians and the Venetian Archivio di Stato : Memory and Rhythms of Historical Research. 
  • Pieter Huistra, Reproducers Anonymous. Copyists in Nineteenth-Century Historiography.
  • Henning Trüper, Autopsy and Heteropsy in Nineteenth-Century Aksumite Epigraphy. 
  • Regina F. Bendix, Archived and Archival Culture. Ethnographic Reflections on Archival Habits. 
  • Mario Wimmer, The Present as Future Past : Anonymous History of Historical Times. 

Notes on Contributors. 

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